Officers and Board of Directors 

President: Brad Rex, MBA '88                                                               
Treasurer: Kate Byrne, AB '83, MBA '87                                             
Secretary: Eduardo Coello, CSS '83                                                    
VP of Development: Margaret Lezcano, MPP '95                               
Contact Margaret if you would like to become a club sponsor.

VP of Development: Bonny Landers, AB '77                                     
VP of Membership: Shan Atkins, MBA '83                                                  

Contact the Club Administrator to become a club member or inquire about your status:
VP of Marketing: Christel Jarrouj, MDS '20                                        
VP of Programming: Pamela Fisher  ALM '12 (President-elect)       
VP of Programming: Katherine Ho, JD '95                                     
VP of Technology: Daniel Jaye,  AB '87                                              
Early College Awareness Chair: Larry Kahn, AB '83                 
Contact Larry if you would like to volunteer to visit schools for ECA.
Schools & Scholarships Chair: Ed Murphy, AB '81                          
Contact Ed if you would like to volunteer to interview applicants.
HBS SIG Liaison: Jim Peet, MBA '90                                               

HBS SIG Liaison: Colin Ryan, MBA '20                                          
Recent Graduates Chair: Adriel Deller, MDS '20                          

Board of Directors at Large:                                                              President's Council (Past Presidents):

Taimur Ahmed, ALM '17                                                                               Jennifer Anderson, MBA '83

Dick Oehmler, AB '66, MBA '60                                                                  Wayne Barry, AB '69  
Vanaja Ragavan, AB '72                                                                                Gina Carr, MBA '90

                                                                                                                           Don Christopher, AB '74                                            

                                                                                                                           Larry Kahn, AB '83

                                                                                                                           David Sprinkle, AB '96
Eddy Dominguez, AB '01
(Immediate Past President, HAA Director of Cubs SE Region)