Early College Awareness

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The Harvard Club of Central Florida supports the HAA’s public service mission to promote Early College Awareness. The rising cost of ‘not going to college’ is staggering – and far outweighs the national headlines about rising college costs. One identified challenge is helping students understand early enough that “yes – college matters, and – yes – you can go!”. This program is not about ‘selling Harvard’ … it’s about coupling facts and figures that show early college awareness leads to greater opportunity in life WITH your own personal narrative of how you grew from one of “them” to become “you”. Think of it as your chance to ‘make the curriculum REAL’.

Here’s how you can help. Our club is looking for volunteers to speak to local 7th, 8th, and 9th graders as part of National Teach-In Day during American Education Week Nov 15-19 of 2021. Orange County Teach-In Day is likely Tuesday Nov 16th but not yet confirmed. Seminole County Teach-In Day is Tuesday, Nov 16th as well. Other counties may participate. No details yet. Right now it is up to each school whether to offer in-class and/or virtual options for volunteer speakers and HCCF Early College Awareness presentations can be delivered in-class or virtually.

You can pair up with another alum or a colleague or family member with a story to share. HCCF will supply you talking points and visual aids that make "the case for college" and outline next steps that this age group should take this year so they can go to college that year. School and County teach-in coordinators will help you as well.
Since 2014, more than 50 local alums have spoken in 50+ area schools. Our goal for 2021 is to surpass 3000 students reached!

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions before committing, please email Larry Kahn at lmkahn@post.harvard.eduLarry will coordinate assigning you to an appropriate school as well as link you to the registration materials and share the presentation you can use or borrow from to share your own story. If you plan to speak in Orange County Public Schools, PLEASE click here now to become an OCPS ADDitions Volunteer or to update your eligibility from prior years. OCPS requires this step in advance of any volunteer opportunity. Seminole County Public Schools does not. You simply sign up for Teach In Day if interested. Watch the HCCF Event Calendar for updated information as well as a "How to ECA" tutorial session later in October or early November.

You can read more about HAA’s Early College Awareness efforts nationally by clicking here: http://officerslounge.clubs.harvard.edu/article.html?aid=532