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David Roberts Scholarship Fund Donation (tax deductible)
For decades members of the Harvard Club of Central Florida have annually solicited funds which are sent to Cambridge and used to assist deserving students attending the College from our area. Following the death in 1999 of David Roberts, our scholarship fund was named in his honor. Dave graduated from both Harvard College and Harvard Law School. After service in the Navy during World War II, he began the practice of tax law in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Among his clients was Archibald Bush of the 3M Company, who amassed considerable wealth and established a home in Winter Park in the 1950’s. Dave Roberts, at Bush’s urging, moved from Minnesota to Winter Park to provide continued legal representation and to oversee Bush’s affairs here. Bush admonished Dave to look after Bush’s wife, Edyth, following his death. After Bush died in 1966, Dave did just that and managed the foundation here that bears her name. In the late 1970’s, Dave was instrumental in reinvigorating our Club and served on the Club’s board of directors until he died. For many years, Dave and his staff at the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation diligently provided critical administrative support and assistance to assure the Club continued to function effectively. A passionate advocate of “giving back,” Dave was a leading supporter of the Club’s scholarship fund each year. Gruff, demanding, yet ever generous and compassionate, Dave would encourage others to assist by “rounding up” their dues payment to $100 or more, with the difference going to the scholarship fund. We hope you will do so as well. Join and continue the wonderful legacy of David Roberts in helping local students who attend Harvard College from Central Florida.