Adventure Awaits!

Come see the GLOW with HCCF on a Bioluminescence Paddle Tour!

Friday, August 26, 2022

9:30 PM
(arrive at 9:00 PM)
Tour is 1.5 hours



Join us to celebrate memories while building new ones!


BIOLUMINESCENCE is “life emitting light” and is a common occurrence in this region; however, finding an area with high concentrations on a regular basis is something not to be missed.


About the Tour

Everything that moves in the water creates light! These plankton are called Dinoflagellate — a single-celled organism that collects energy during the day and gives off a cold light at night.


One of the most memorable experiences you can have is a night kayak tour so you can experience the glowing water and feel safe with professional and experienced tour guides. As you paddle the bottom of your kayak will glow a Blue/Green light that at times looks like shooting stars. Fish may swim under your kayak putting off streaks of light looking like lightning in the sky.

The bioluminescent kayak tour starts at 9:30pm lasting 1.5 hours. Clear kayaks offer the best experience and will sell out fast.

We invite you to join the Harvard Club of Central Florida for a night to remember on the Indian River in Merritt Island, FL.

Please note that sales are final. No refunds.
Deadline to purchase tickets: Thursday, August 25 by 5:00 PM ET


Harvard Club of Central Florida Members
Harvard Club of the Palm Beaches Members

Plastic kayak: $56.00 per person

Clear kayak: SOLD OUT

Non-Members and Guests 

Plastic kayak: $61.00 per person

Clear kayak: SOLD OUT


Please arrive by 9:00 PM

Manatee Cove

4905 N. Tropical Trail

Merritt Island 



Contact the Club Administrator: or 954-914-3148