Early College Awareness: Inspire local Middle School students with your Harvard story


SIGN UP TODAY  and MAKE "The Case FOR College". 

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The Harvard Club of Central Florida is committing to support the HAA’s public service mission to promote Early College Awareness locally this Fall. The rising cost of ‘not going to college’ is staggering – and far outweighs the national headlines about rising college costs. One identified challenge is helping students understand early enough that “yes – college matters, and – yes – you can go!”. This program is not about ‘selling Harvard’ … it’s about coupling facts and figures that show early college awareness leads to greater opportunity in life WITH your own personal narrative of how you grew from one of “them” to become “you”. Think of it as your chance to ‘make the curriculum REAL’.
Here’s how you can help. Our club is looking for volunteers to speak to local middle schoolers in their classroom as part of National Teach-In Day during American Education Week this November. You can speak to one class, or a day of classes. You can pair up with another alum or a colleague or family member with a story to share. HCCF will supply you talking points and visual aids that make (as Dean Faust termed it) "the case for college"; county teach-in coordinators will help you as well.

In 2015, 9 local alums spoke to 17 classes in 8 area schools ... and reached over 400 students!
National Teach-in Day in 
Orange County is Wednesday, November 16th. In Seminole County it is Tuesday, November 15th. Registration Deadline has been extended but will end soon as schools need time to process and assign all volunteers. Please sign up today! 

To register to speak at an Orange County School, click here:

To register to speak at a Seminole County School, click here:   

If you can create an opporunity to speak elsewhere in our region's nine-county area, or you are interested in volunteering and have questions before committing, please email me at
lmkahn@post.harvard.edu and I will link you to the registration materials and share the presentation you can use or borrow from to share your own story. You can read more about HAA’s Early College Awareness efforts nationally by clicking here: http://alumni.harvard.edu/haa/clubs-sigs/programs/eca. You can see an example of our most recent local effort on our Facebook page as HCCF member Eddy Dominguez spoke to a group from Mulberry HS in Polk County ... where every student in the audience was from a migrant farm worker family. Help HAA and HCCF make the Case for College! Sign up today.